GEbA_Bronze_WebDo you know why the first few months of parenthood are critical for a new father? Do you think of yourself to be an “Involved Dad” or a “Proactive Dad’? Are you prepared for or perplexed by the arrival of your newborn?

The answers to these questions are simple once you understand what DADspirations are all about. You will gauge how effective of a dad you’re likely to be after your first 100 days as a new father. You will recognize how having a plan can help deal with the unknown. You will receive a strategy that will keep you from falling into the Super Dud trap and will show you how to be the Super Dad you aspire to be.

In DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood (Amazon), humorist and new author, Pete Densmore, has compiled the ultimate set of inspirations for the expecting and new father. This fast-reading, humorous book includes an actionable checklist of essential ideas to help dads to become the best father they can be. Densmore’s ideas, illustrated with photographs, showcase 35 tips to help make new dad’s first 100 days as impactful as possible. These ideas, idenified as DADspirations, include:

  • Develop a baby birth time capsule, which captures all of the precious moments from a day you’re likely to forget.  
  • Send your loving wife to the spa, which secures for you an afternoon of introducing the art of football to your baby. 
  • Build a toy box, which gives you the perfect excuse to spend an entire day alone in the garage with power tools and beer.  


DADspirations are the cornerstone of inspired parenting and meant to motivate and encourage soon-to-be and new fathers in a practical, creative and fun way.


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