COME WITH ME INTO FOREVER…Here, there are Vampires! They hunger, desire, and cry out against the night. Their longing for you is palpable and visceral. They offer their souls that whisper of their horrors, scream of a longing to share, and sigh with promises to fulfill your darkest fantasies. These are the songs of the misunderstood, the tales of the pale forgotten, revealing the darkest truths of how the vampires emotionally endure. These undead bards will compel you with twilight seduction. Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Come spend one night with the most sensual, desired, and erotic of all the preternatural creatures. You’ve heard the stories. Discover the vampires in all their night-bound glory. Discover surrender and betrayal. Lose yourself in the myths, the truths, and the secrets that became the poetry of the vampires.