Married ten years, Robert and Marcie are more in love than ever. With two adorable children and successful careers, they have everything to live for. But a terrible secret is breaking Robert’s heart: he knows that Marcie is about to die…. Intensely romantic and unforgettable, this is the story of a man, a woman, and the breathless romance that comes to mean more than life itself.

“The facts are cold; the story that unravels is warm and extremely moving… Brett handles it impeccably.”—Publishers Weekly


“This is one book that everyone should read to understand that time is short and we need to live and love life to the fullest because you just never know. Author Barbara Brett presents many issues that so many will debate after reading this heartbreaking and enlightening novel. Some portraits will change and others we know will last for eternity if just in our hearts and minds.”


Between Two Eternities

“From decisions on how to spend last days and how to renew the love between them to how to face a loved one’s moving on, Between Two Eternities provides a gripping saga packed with discussions of life and death’s meaning, how to face the inevitable with dignity and wisdom, and most of all – how to preserve lasting love in the face of end times…. Heartfelt, poignant, and – surprising – even uplifting at many unexpected points, Between Two Eternities will captivate any reader interested in life, death, and transition points in between.”


Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer

Midwest Review of Books