In the early 2030’s, Arthur Girard constructed his first “autonomous” humanoid robot.  It won him the Nobel Prize, because it could “think”, listen, and speak as well as humans of average intelligence.  The key to the new robot was the computer system it carried, programmed by Arthur, considered the most intelligent man in history.  The capability was never duplicated in his lifetime.

The GRS Corporation, which Arthur founded, went on to sell many more autonomous devices, using the computers and software he had devised: household servants, medical staff, and industrial workers replaced humans at an astonishing rate.  Autos, aircraft, and ships piloted themselves reliably.  His corporation had a monopoly, and he became the wealthiest man on Earth.  Year-by-year, the robots improved.

By 2084, Arthur Girard had retired.  His son Mark had taken over ACR Corporation.  While Mark wasn’t the scientist his father had been, he was a good manager.  Arthur’s grandson Parker was a playboy.

In that year, the FBI investigated a murder.  It appeared the crime had been committed by a robot from the GRS Corporation.  The new President was determined to break up the GRS Corporation.

Then, Parker’s girlfriend was murdered by a robot as well.  The evidence pointed to his father or grandfather.  He determined to have his revenge.  Mark was determined to save GRS, and Arthur had plans of his own . . .