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Tips, Stories, & Advice on Writing, Publishing, & Promoting.
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Tips, Stories, & Advice on Writing, Publishing, & Promoting.


Valuable tips, inspiring stories and fabulous advice on book research, writing, publishing, and promoting.
Essential guidance for fiction, non fiction, ebooks and printed books.
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Here is a Gift for the Writer Within or

The Writer in Your Life

Scores of successful, published authors reveal the inside secrets to their achievement.

You will discover:
  38 Tips on how to write
  11 Tips on why you should write
  4 Tips on why your writing project should be a book
  21 Tips on what to write
  7 Tips on doing research
  9 Tips for building your book
  3 Tips on Copyright
  10 Tips for finding the right agent or publisher
  6 Tips on book promotion
  And much, much more.

“We recommend this book to all who submit their stories to Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul.”
—Bud Gardner, Chicken Soup series co-author.

“Dan Poynter is the top coach for writing, publishing and, most important, promoting.”
—John Tullius, Director, Maui Writers Conference.

“Dan Poynter has generously guided thousands to authorship. Their books make this a better world.”
—Dr. Robert Müller,
Past Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

Dan Poynter
has turned thousands of professionals and writers into authors; his shelves are overflowing with their books. He is the author of more than 125 books and hundreds of other information products. The media come to Dan because he is the leading authority on how to write, publish, and promote books.

The demand for books is increasing but the market is changing.
These tips from successful authors will show you how to get your work into print.

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