Second annual Global eBook Awards deadline is being extended from March 12 to April 30, 2012.

We discovered that judging eBooks is different from evaluating paper books. With paper books, the books are usually shipped to the judges all at the same time in one large carton. With eBooks, judges download them one-at-a-time. When they finish reading and evaluating one, they select another eBook to judge. Some judges have been evaluating nominations for three months and all have three more months to read and enjoy eBooks in their favorite category.

The response has been overwhelming as we neared the March deadline. We can’t keep up with the Nominations and applicants are calling, begging for an extension.

What is unique about these awards is that they are for the eBook edition of current titles and there are more than 100 categories. For example, a leadership book only competes with other books on leadership. Books on cooking and humor/comedy have their own categories. Some book award programs have a single category for all eBooks. Your work of fiction is being compared with an eBook on motorcycle repair. See

Judges are experts in their favorite category of book. They are bloggers, authors, publishers and publicists. They love to read, talk about, and write about just one genre or category. Once a book is entered into nomination, they read the book and often tell others about their new read.

The revised filing deadline is Monday, April 30 at midnight, Pacific Time.