Dan Poynter’s 6th annual Global Ebook Awards needs more judges with entrants in the 100+ categories. Book reviewers and ebook readers are invited to become a 2016 Global Ebook Awards judge. In 2015 there were over 100 judges for the almost 1000 entries.

Contests are more successful when there are several judges per category. Book bloggers, librarians, book club and reading circle members make great judges as well as  professional critics and subject matter experts in the categories they prefer.

The 2016 Global ebook contest just recently opened. Entries come in slowly at first. We are urging people to enter early in order to give the judges more time for their reading pleasure and ebook evaluations: .

Spread the word and urge people to enter now. The other judges will appreciate your efforts. The deadline for entries is April 30, 2016 (midnight Pacific Time).

Judges are anonymous and will evaluate ebooks in the categories of your choice.

While your subjective evaluation is most important, judges will be provided a score sheet to aid in an objective evaluation.  Scores will be emailed directly to Any comments you would like to make on the book you are reading should be left on Amazon or any other like site, please do not list yourself as a Global Ebook Awards Judge.  We want to to keep all of the comments/reviews anonymous.  Thank you.

Sign up now by clicking on the link below and entering the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your mailing address and phone number (optional)
  • Website
  • The ebook categories of your choice

You may choose more than one category, most judges chose 2-3 categories. For categories, see

Thank you so much.