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Bio: I was born in Krakow, Poland to Holocaust survivors. At the age of 3, my family moved to Israel. I wanted to be a journalist, but then, at the age of 14, my family moved again – this time to Australia. My minimal knowledge of English forced me to ‘do better’ in the sciences at school and university. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of NSW, majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. I come from a creative family of authors, film reviewers, producers, directors and cinematographers. I met my amazing partner, Peter, in the early days of my computer career. We have been together for over 35 years and have worked together in the computer industry – designing and writing computer systems for various businesses for over 20 years. Searching for the Bipolar diagnosis for our youngest daughter Natasha, led Natasha and myself to write our first book “The Bi-Polar Express” which roughly covers the first 20 years of Natasha's life. Our second book “Panic Stations along The Bi-Polar Express” roughly covers the next 10 years of Natasha's life as she deals with her disorder. We lived in one of the beautiful sandy beach suburbs of Sydney, but we have since moved west to the misty Blue Mountains. I am an animal activist. We have 2 daughters, 1 dog & various cats (and no longer any fish).

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    Panic Stations along The Bi-Polar Express

    March 12th, 2017

    ….. continues the roller-coaster ride of mania, depression, panic and anxiety with mother and daughter.

    Natasha’s Ride

    From a break-down to a break-up.
    From the city to the mountains.
    From mental illness to physical ailments.
    From friend to friend.
    From hospital to hospital.
    From dreaming of death to loving life and back again.
    From moments of sheer panic to moments of pure joy.
    From snow to fire.
    From hope to despair.
    From book 1 to book 2.
    From dreading change to embracing it.
    From there to here to now.

    Ela’s Ride

    Finally, we have the correct diagnosis for our ‘different’ daughter, but this is not enough to stop the Bi-Polar roller-coaster. I am still along for the ride as we navigate through drugs, medications, boyfriends, girlfriends, holidays, mania, depression, panic, anxiety, doctors, hospitals, stress, emotional landmines and physical complications. Belatedly I discover a few home truths about myself.

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    The Bi-Polar Express

    March 9th, 2017

    Ride the life and death roller-coaster of mania and depression with mother and daughter.

    Natasha’s Ride

    All my life I knew I was different, I didn’t fit in. I always felt I could do everything – but things never worked out for me, I’d either get depressed for no reason or be hyper-active.

    As you read my book, you will follow the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the high highs, the low lows, back and forth, faster and faster, my Bi-Polar roller-coaster life. But always keep one thing in mind: you can put the book down and get off my roller-coaster ride ….. I can’t.

    Ela’s Ride

    This is a funny, sad story of a mother’s search from childhood, through the teenage years and beyond, for the correct diagnosis for her ‘different’ daughter, whilst desperately trying to battle with her daughter’s alienation, dramas and crises.

    * * * * *

    This book is for all people who know someone, a friend, relative or acquaintance with a mental disorder – and that’s just about everyone.

    Read this book – you’d be crazy not to.

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