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Bio: Although I am a fine artist, writing is my hobby and passion and I have three books on Amazon. Catho Darlington-Lessons Learned in the Space Age, a novel, a ss collection and a volume of poetry as bound books. I am an Amazon reviewer, hornrimmed-glasseslassie. Please check out FB page: " Sara Marie Hogg, author," for more detailed account and images of works listed below. ePublishing History--AT: these titles can be sampled or read, author name=Sara Marie Hogg: Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age Blade Chatter Mumbledypeg On Call Multiple Exposures (poetry) The above titles are also available on Diesel eBooks, Sony eReader, Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble and Kobo of Canada. Amazon is coming soon. Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age BladeChatter Dark Shadings, Spattered Light (first volume of poetry 1990) are available as bound books on Amazon and other channels. Blade Chatter is also written under the pseudonym, Pairalee Pendleton Nerd on Cloud Nine and two other additional books are written under pseudonyms * Poetry Awards received: Boswell Award from the Eng. Dept. of Texas Christian University for "Blue Jay Feather," 2002, an Honor from the Missouri Arts Council, First Annual Writers' Week Awards for Poetry, "Cry of the Osage" 1991 Irish & American poets collaboration, IN THE WEST OF IRELAND, pub. 1992 for "Incident Near White River." Numerous awards from the publication Creative Reading for poetry, cartoons, cover and interior artwork and short fiction. NOTE: PLEASE CHECK OUT THESE OTHER FACEBOOK PAGES-- Sara Marie Hogg, author Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age Blade Chatter, Twenty-Four Stories of the Macabre Individual book pages (above) have the interior book illustrations posted on them NOTE: As of July 2011 notified that three eBooks have been nominated for GLOBAL eBOOK AWARDS, 2011 BLADE CHATTER nominated in two categories, Short Stories, Illustration. MUMPLEDYPEG, ON CALL nominated in Children's Literature A novel written under a pseudonym nominated in SciFi Fantasy Paranormal, subcategory Fantasy Supernatural update: Blade Chatter received second place in Short Stories and second place in Illustration/Fiction 8-27-2011, silver awards) MULTIPLE EXPOSURES has been nominated in the poetry category for Global eBook Awards 2012. MULTIPLE EXPOSURES was named one of 3 FINALISTS in 2012 GeBA, Poetry, as of July 2012 Update: August 18, 2012, Santa Barbara, California, MULITPLE EXPOSURES is named the winner in 2012 Global eBook Awards, Poetry Category (gold award). I have written three Detective Thrillers featuring homicide detectives, Angus Carlyle and Kerry, "Skeeter," Sherwood: 1) The Scavenger's Song, 2) Dark Continent Continental (GEbA Bronze award, 2016), 3) Gris Gris and I am working on a fourth, 4) Last-Chance Laroux. The Scavenger's Song and Dark Continent Continental are up on Kindle as eBooks and Gris Gris awaits publication. All three were serialized at Venture with 2-3 chapters published weekly. I also write an Unsolved Mystery blog at VG and have bound those blogs into eBooks. Quite Curious is up on Kindle and Curious, Indeed (Vol II) is in the works. I recently published a piece of short fiction on Smashwords, The Spark of Life, a creepy little tale. I am currently working on: It Rises from the Pee Dee, about a scout, and Indian spy, John McBride who operated in the Carolinas during the time of the American Revolution. I have written weekly mystery blogs at for several years.

Posts by sara_hogg:

    It Rises From The Pee Dee

    March 31st, 2018

    It Rises From the Pee Dee by Sara Marie Hogg is a work of historical fiction that centers around the dangerous activities of John McBride during the American Revolution.   He is a normal young man living a good life with his parents, sweet on a young girl, when he finds himself swept up in the drama of impending war and enlists as a ranger, scout, and spy in the North Carolina Regiment of Militia.  It Rises from the Pee Dee received a first place award in the ETWG First Chapter Competition, 2016.

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    Quite Curious

    April 10th, 2017

    Quite Curious by Sara Marie Hogg is a collection of short fiction about those perplexing unsolved mysteries and bizarre characters in our midst.  The stories are often told from the viewpoint of “flies on the wall.”  They first appeared at Venture Galleries, weekly, and are now bundled for reading convenience and available on Amazon.  Quite Curious ( Volume I) and Curious, Indeed (Volume II, recently published).  Some examples of these strange stories, are The Deadly Umbrella Man, a faith healer from the 1800s that drew crowds in the thousands and was effective at cures, odd substances that have rained from the skies, a space ship that crashed in Texas in the 1800s–a historical marker was erected, a Masonic mystery from the time of The Revolution, The Baby in a Suitcase–the Iron Mountain Mystery, The Hum, new evidence about Alcatraz escape attempts, The WOW Signal, Rogue Animals (elephants, lions, and snakes)  The Phantom Death Car, a baboon named Jack that took over as railroad signalman for his human companion in South Africa–there are many, many more of these eerie gems–over sixty in all.  Thank you readers!

    Quite Curious is submitted in the Fiction/Short Stories category for 2017

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    Dark Continent Continental

    April 18th, 2016


         Ace homicide detectives, Angus Carlyle and Kerry, “Skeeter,” Sherwood find themselves ankle deep in bodies once again–              bodies that are missing important elements. They must travel to The Dark Continent to get some answers.

         Dark Continent Continental is the second novel in the Detective Thriller series featuring the two oddball detectives: 1) The Scavenger’s Song 2) Dark Continent Continental 3) Gris Gris and 4) Last-Chance Laroux.  Sara Marie Hogg is a contributor to Venture Galleries and the first three of these novels were serialized at VG, two to three episodes per week.  The first two are on Kindle, Gris Gris is awaiting Kindle publication and Last-Chance Laroux is still in the writing and editing stage.

         Many of the same characters return in all four novels as they work to track down creative and fiendish killers.

         Dark Continent Continental has been featured at Venture Galleries as the Author Showcase, October 1, 2014, Sunday Sampler on May 17, 2015, and Book of the Moment, August 22, 2015.  To quote the overnight reviewer in that tribute, “…the premise itself is unusual, people dropping dead, their brains completely disappeared.  You can’t get creepier than that.”

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    WHAT KIND OF MAN… The Book Trailer

    February 4th, 2013

    This is the book trailer for What Kind of Man… by Greenberry Baxter.  The book is also entered in the Paranormal Fiction category.  This entertaining and spoofy novel is filled with adventure, danger and romance.  Historical characters and time travel add many layers to the storyline.  Watch this trailer to get a better idea of the tales it tells.  Here is the You Tube Link:

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    What Kind of Man…

    January 28th, 2013

    Image One Cropped--the bestA tantalizing premise: an American president of the 1800s who suffered unbearable personal tragedy and had a lacklustre presidency, is allowed to return to earth to correct his former life.  He seeks out his soulmate to aid him in rescuing the America he loves.  Meet Franklin Pierce, Sally Weare, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Lafayette.  Danger! Romance! Mysterious China beckons.  Chip Etier, reviewer for The Examiner gives it five stars.  “Nook Maven” at B & N does likewise.  This updated paranormal fiction novel is a preposterous, nutty and entertaining ride.  There is an extended description on the Smashwords site that I hope you will view.



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