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    Phantom Limb

    April 2nd, 2014

    An LAPD narcotics officer-turned-personal bodyguard, a troubled epileptic psychic and an enigmatic shaman~ trying to outrun their pasts… A paranormal scientist and cameraman, trying to do their jobs: the cast of a reality show investigating hauntings and unsolved murders in Redemption, Arizona~ a ghost mining town. Together, they confront restless spirits and manifest the tragic lives of Red Morrison and Rosie Rodriquez, star-crossed lovers connected to the town’s bloody past. A ghost dance in the desert, a Tarot reading, and a burning chapel summon visions of vengeful shamans, who called on demonic forces to curse the land the white man had taken. Though the gold is gone, the curse still lingers, stirring up winged shades and demons. The cast must confront not only their own demons but the demons cursing the land.

    PhantomLimbBlack Cover_RGB_E_book-12-24-2013

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