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Bio: William was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended William Penn Charter School and Phillips Exeter Academy. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Physics, having minored in English and Creative Writing. He served four years in the U. S. Navy, the last two as Chief Engineer of a destroyer. Upon completion of his military service, William joined the Power Systems business of Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he progressed through a series of roles culminating in Vice President and General Manager, Synthetic Fuels Division. He then moved to Carrier Corporation (air conditioning) where he was responsible for Carrier’s Europe, Africa and Middle East operations. From Carrier, William transitioned into management consulting, where he had his own successful practice. He wrote Fishing in Foreign Seas, a business-oriented romance which was published by Eloquent Books in August 2009. In 2011, Sin & Contrition, the wide-ranging story of transgressions by six characters, has been published by Strategic Books. Ephraim’s Eye, a romantic thriller about a charity in Morocco which provides financing to a terrorist, was published in 2012 and won a Reader Views Literary Award in 2013. More recently, The Iranian Scorpion, a thriller about the drugs trade in Afghanistan and Iran was published. He particularly enjoys writing about characters caught up in ethical, religious or moral dilemmas. And, he takes pride in the depth of research which goes into his novels. William, now a British citizen, as well, is married to an Italian who has a successful food business. They live in London, and have a summer villa on the north coast of Sicily. William has three children, two step-daughters, and eleven grandchildren. He has a popular blog about the writing of fiction at:

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    The Iranian Scorpion

    May 6th, 2013

    Robert Dawson, an agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency, is sent to Afghanistan to stop the flow of heroin made from the country’s biggest crop, opium.

    With the help of Kate Conway, a freelance journalist, and Vizier Ashraf, a shadowy Taliban leader, Robert is disguised as an opium field hand.  In Helmand Province, he learns the secrets of the Afghan drug trade, and illegally enters Iran with his “boss” and a fifteen-year-old “chemist”.

    The principal buyer is known as The Scorpion.  A sale if 25 kg of heroin is completed and traced to New York City, where a bust is made.  Furious, The Scorpion orders Robert captured and executed.

    Robert’s father, General David Dawson, is in Tehran on assignment with the International Atomic Energy Agency investigating Iran’s use of nuclear energy.  Learning of Robert’s reported execution, he vows to assassinate The Scorpion who is also a provincial governor of Iran.

    Intrigue and surprise dominate the conclusion of the fascinating story: The Iranian Scorpion.

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