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Bio: Kimberly Westrope grew up in Phoenix, AZ and has been writing since elementary school. She has two grown sons and two beautiful grandchildren. She lives in Southern California. Kimberly has published two books of poetry, Dancing On Borders and The Prints of All My Days. Brother’s Keeper is her first published novel.

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    Brother’s Keeper

    May 14th, 2015

    Not long after the death of her parents, Lisa has just graduated college and is taking on the care of her developmentally delayed older brother, Paul. They move to their family cabin in a little mountain community, where challenges and changes await them both. Lisa is not sure whether to accept the advances of the local minister, who is fast becoming Paul’s best friend. Lisa’s two best friends from college come to visit, and trouble ensues when unsaved Rhiann tries to romance both Paul and the young minister. Friendships are threatened, and relationships falter. Will their faith in God and in each other be enough to restore harmony and happiness?

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