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Bio: I retired as HR Director for MSHA-DOL with the Federal Government in 2002 after nearly 26 years in DC. I am from a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA and attended Penn State where I received my BS and MBA. I have served as president for the Samoyed Club of America (SCA) and also the Willamette Valley Samoyed Fanciers (WVSF) in addition to serving as treasurer for SCARF, SCA, and WVSF. I wrote constantly while working for the U.S. Government (directives, job descriptions, evaluation statements, vacancy announcements, grievance responses, resumes, merit promotion plans, training plans, etc.) and made it fit or made it work. Like another popular author who once wrote ad copy in private industry, you begin to develop your own style after a while and become a creative writer within a predetermined space. I am the current Sr. Vice Commander for VFW Post 1927 in Woodland, WA and a volunteer La Center H.S Assistant Football Coach. I enjoy my dog boarding kennel, my writing, and live with Cami the Samoyed. Mister Best in Show (Riley) of the Utah SCA National BISS retired on top like Jim Brown and Sandy Koufax. I do enjoy stewarding at dog shows and of course my sub teaching assignments where I practiced the Rex and sometimes Vietnam stories on a captive audience. My new book which just won 2 Global eBook Gold Medals is about my service time in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division. It is a healing memoir and well received by high schoolers to Vietnam vets.

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    Vietnam 1971 Remembering the “101st” Then And Now

    August 16th, 2017

    A healing memoir of my time with the 101st Airborne Division in Phu Bai, South Vietnam.  I am honored to receive two Gold Global eBook Awards for: Best in Autobiography/Memoir and also for Best in Military.    On Amazon Kindle at:    

    Congratulations to all the winners!

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    The Story of Rex of White Way, The Blizzard King

    February 5th, 2013

    GEbA_Silver_WebThis is an exciting historical biography of a hero dog and an easy to read, adventure filled story of a pure-bred Samoyed dog who excelled in working events and lived from 1946-1957 in California.  The book took several years to complete and relies on eye witness reports and interviews conducted over a nine year period.  As the lead sled dog for Lloyd Van Sickle, Rex was involved in over 30 mountain rescues in a time before snowmobiles.  His most famous rescue was the delivery of Dr. Nelson by sled to the snowbound 226 passengers and crew aboard The City of San Francisco train stuck at Yuba Gap in the High Sierras in January of 1952.  Rex won more than his share of sled dog races, set the world record in a weight pulling contest in Montana in 1954, was lead dog on a regular U.S. mail run over the 7,200 feet high Targhee Pass, pulled out downed planes at the Truckee Airfield and took the wounded survivors into Truckee, brought in logs for half the Donner Lake Piers, was on the movie set with John Wayne and appeared on TV in the ” Have Gun Will Travel” series.  This is the story of how a long legged gangly pup who was an initial embarrassment to Agnes Mason’s breeding program turned into a model of working excellence and a star in the conformation ring and breeding programs.  The book has many high quality photographs, original and award winning color art work, and has been very well received by students in SW Washington public schools as well as within the dog owning community.   Rex is not just for Samoyed owners and I made him available on Amazon Kindle at the moderate price of 99 cents so that he would be accessible to the widest possible audience.  Hard and soft covers are available through Amazon or the author’s website at   at $18.95 for hardcover and $14.95 for softcover.

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