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Bio: Jim Baton has spent the last 20 years peacemaking in the world's largest Muslim nation. His writing, speaking and teaching is helping Christians and Muslims build bridges of understanding, love and prayer around the world. Discover with Jim how ordinary people can become extraordinary peacemakers.

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    A Violent Light

    December 27th, 2016

    AViolentLight_FrontCoverThe Youth For Peace Fresh Start Initiative gathers ten Muslim and ten Christian youth from ten nations around the world to learn new paths to peace. But the camp staff have some highly unorthodox teaching techniques. And when one by one the youth start disappearing, some of them wonder if the staff might not have an entirely different agenda. Those left behind must work together to solve the mystery before they also disappear. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, the entire world is watching…

    Jim’s third novel of the Peace Trilogy confronts American prejudice head-on. Pursuing world peace today will require a generation committed to a deeper level of trust and cooperation than ever before.

    “Baton…sheds light into the dark places where few dare to tread.” -Michael
    J. Webb, author of The Oldest Enemy and Infernal Gates

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