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    Whispering Tides

    September 27th, 2012

    An intimately lost Italian narrative persona in search of a new life. An ancient American city of the Old South, softly “female” and welcoming to all, especially to “Her” beloved ghosts. A New Zealander florist who loves shoes and adores others. The cult of Friendship and the religion of Remembrance. A cat fisherman who barely speaks and “His” other deeply wise animal friends. A bronze statue that listens. A rich eccentric become a taxi driver for boredom and psychologist by vocation. A mayor without a City Hall, but beloved and listened. An old African-American who wonders about the great mysteries of life. Together, with other colorful characters, all intersect on a scenario of poignant and subtropical beauty creating a choral story without boundaries. A touching and funny “adult tale” who will make you cry and smile at the same time (Finalist at 2012 Global eBook Awards edition – Popular Literature Fiction category).