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    Entering my Second Half

    February 6th, 2017

    What follows are fascinating bits and bobs of my life. The things I have done, the people I have met, the places I have been.

    I have re-written the goals of my life and these experiences helped me formed them. As I write this I began to realize I have lead a hell of life!

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    Happy Holidays!

    December 16th, 2016


    A Nomination from Global Ebook Awards for Christmas!
    Give the writer in your life the gift of entry to the Global Ebook Awards…

    To give the gift of Nominee to the Global Ebook Awards visit: and select your writer’s category.

    We’ll do the rest by sending you or your recipient a  printable file that you can use for your own creative way of gift-giving! Nominee acceptance will be received within an hour. Entry to the Global Ebook Awards is the perfect last-minute gift for the writer in your life!

    The team at Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards would like to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season.

    For questions, call +1-805-705-9171 or email

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    November 21st, 2016

    We are so proud that our facebook page has reached a milestone! And we are even more proud of our authors, judges, and staff at the Global Ebook Awards for supporting our writers!

    We just wanted to saythank you to everyone who follows us and takes an interest in what we do!


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    October 27th, 2016


    In an age of measuring and tracking the self through gadgets, the author of this book wondered how he could take such dedication to analytics to create something that is as much precise science as it is creative expression. The result? A grand experiment in the quantified self, more than four years in the making, HOW I AM DIFFERENT tests the boundaries of how we define the self and how the self changes over time. For two years, the author wrote a new creative piece every day. The second year’s pieces were a response to the prior year for each day of the year. This book shows this one-to-one correlation for each day of Year One and Year Two in spreads. The book is mostly poetry, but it also contains some fiction and creative nonfiction. Since every piece is self-contained, it doesn’t matter where you start. You could easily read all 776 pages in one sitting or save it for later. It’s a page-turner like no other. It contains extensive indexing to help you decide what to read.

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    The 7th Annual Global Ebook Awards Now Accepting Entries!

    September 26th, 2016



    Your ebook winning an award and:

    • Putting an official “sticker” on your ebook cover, pbook cover, blog, website and promotion materials.
    • Winners will be announced to the media via social media and news feeds.
    • Six ebook Promotional “Lessons”
    • Everyone receives an official “nominee sticker” for their ebook cover or for other use.
    • Winners will be listed on the official Global Ebook Awards site.
    • Winners will be eligible to purchase Global Ebook Award certificates attesting to their honor.
    • Discounts on ebook setup, conversions, and website development.
    • Discounts on other services for authors and publishers.

    And much more…

    Multiply Publicity for Your Ebooks
    The greatest challenge for ebook authors, both fiction and nonfiction, is getting their ebook known. Known, read, loved, and recommended to others. This is the best publicity: “word of mouth.” The predicament is finding readers interested in your subject. Judges for the Global Ebook Awards select the categories of ebooks in which they have an expertise and want to read. They are avid readers who voluntarily come to your ebook.

    Enter now:

    Being nominated for an ebook award multiplies your investment in more than one way.

    1. Six promotional opportunities.

    Once your ebook is accepted into Nomination, you will receive a promotional opportunity each week for six weeks. These opportunities will show you where to publicize your ebook’s nomination and how to track the results. You can use these publicity ideas and opportunities for this and all future ebooks.

    2. Post & Promote your ebook

    You will be able to post your ebook in the Nominee Publicity section of the website.  This is another great publicity opportunity for you and your ebook.

    3. More reviews for your ebook.

    Judges range from book bloggers to book reviewers, librarians, book club & reading circle members, publicists, book shepherds, as well as professional critics and subject-matter experts in the category they prefer.
    Many of the more than 100 judges need material for their (category) blogs and some may review your book at Amazon, B&, Midwest Book Review, etc.

    4. Nominated “sticker.”

    Bring attention to your ebook by placing a Nominated sticker in your blog, website, emails, etc.

    Being accepted into Nomination into the Global Ebook Awards is a stepping-stone to more publicity. Publicity projects multiply your investment and maximize publicity for your ebook.
    Your ebook will benefit from this fabulous publicity system for just $79 per ebook, per category. Enter now.

    Accepting Entries: Now, from ebook authors and publishers.
    Eligibility: Ebook released to the public anytime in 2015 or newer.
    Entry Deadline: April 30, 2017 (midnight Pacific Time).
    Winners Announcement: August 13, 2017

    The Global Ebook Awards are designed to help you achieve these publicity goals. The Awards are more than a “sticker” they come with a built-in publicity machine.

    Submitting your ebook for a Global Ebook Award is a publicity investment. Your ebook deserves this exposure. Unlike other award programs we do not charge for our sticker file upon winning an award.

    In keeping with the spirit of digital reading, the awards announcements will be electronic.  There will not be a physical event as we had hosted in prior years.

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    The Blue Garou

    September 21st, 2016

    the-blue-garouDetective ‘Cadillac’ Holland joined the Louisiana State Patrol to find the solution to his father’s disappearance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Four years have passed and he hasn’t solved that case.  Now he’s asked to prove that a pit bull is the murder weapon and not the murderer of New Orleans’ most notorious criminal. The dog’s tracks lead to the murder victim’s son, fiancé, and bodyguard.  It also crosses paths with the FBI’s investigation into a rap music label, the ATF’s search for a storage locker of missing firearms, a dog-fighting ring, and blackmail involving a famous Hollywood actress. NOPD’s Chief of Detectives can only hope Detective Holland will quickly find a solution which will “reach a conclusion in line with everyone’s perception of justice.”GEbA_Silver

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    Call for Judges

    September 19th, 2016


    Dan Poynter’s 7th annual Global Ebook Awards needs more judges with entrants in the 100+ categories. Book reviewers and ebook readers are invited to become a 2017 Global Ebook Awards judge. In 2016 there were over 100 judges for the almost 1000 entries.

    Contests are more successful when there are several judges per category. Book bloggers, librarians, book club and reading circle members make great judges as well as  professional critics and subject matter experts in the categories they prefer.

    The 2017 Global ebook contest just recently opened. Entries come in slowly at first. We are urging people to enter early in order to give the judges more time for their reading pleasure and ebook evaluations: .
    Spread the word and urge people to enter now. The other judges will appreciate your efforts. The deadline for entries is April 30, 2017 (midnight Pacific Time).

    Judges are anonymous and will evaluate ebooks in the categories of your choice.

    While your subjective evaluation is most important, judges will be provided a score sheet to aid in an objective evaluation.  Scores will be emailed directly to Please consider listing your comments on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other like site.  Please do not list yourself as a Global Ebook Awards Judge.  We want to to keep all of the comments/reviews anonymous.  Thank you.
    Sign up now by clicking on the link below and entering the following information:
                •     Your name
                •     Your email address
                •     Your mailing address and phone number (optional)
                •     Website
                •     The ebook categories of your choice
    You may choose more than one category, most judges chose 2-3 categories. For categories, see
    We hope you enjoy participating as a Global Ebook Awards Judge!

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    Epiphany – THE SILVERING

    September 1st, 2016










    A return to the Currency of Kindness ..


    2016 Global Ebook Awards
    Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction2014 Global Ebook Awards Gold

    The story-within-a-story continues and a sequence of stunning revelations unfolds in Epiphany’s gripping conclusion.

    The 2008 Global Financial Crisis is looming, a time of losses for some in Rosetta’s circle, and the odd astonishing gain. Via the path of mystery, reversals in fortunes and romantic love, Rosetta and her book club unwittingly get involved in a quest for The Silvering: an epoch rumoured to begin in 2019. The world’s concept of worth, however, is keeping alive the Cycle of Suffering that body-kings began in the ancient past … and the chance for a brighter future is fading fast.

    Beneath the red soil of a southern land lies a glimmer of hope — a legacy of Norwegian forest-dwellers — destined to bring about a worldwide epiphany … but only if two people from two very different standpoints can settle their differences in time to fulfil Lillibridge’s mystifying prophecy.

    Discoveries made about Edward Lillibridge in the British village of Tintagel, letters he wrote to his sister and son, unite Matthew and Rosetta in their desire to glean facts, but between them stands a wall of mistrust that threatens the sprites’ noble plans. Each letter adds yet another detail to the tapestry of Lillibridge’s 18th-century existence, and Matthew is confronted with an uncanny truth that challenges his perceptions of life and death.

    Editorial Reviews
    Once again, Ms Terry does an amazing job of working the plots of both the faery world and present day as the characters come to realize they are connected through the Dream Sphere where the past, present and future exist simultaneously … Brilliantly entertaining … Captivating, wondrous and uplifting!
    Stephen Fisher, Readers Favorite

    A monumental achievement … I am in awe of Sonya Deanna Terry’s ability to guide the reader from Australia to England and from the spiritual realm to the world of finance.
    Ray Simmons, Readers’ Favorite

    Extremely complex yet easy to read and follow … an amazing story that combines ancient myth, fairy tales and modern issues in a tremendous promise for the future. Exceptionally well developed characters and a dual plot that merges the past with the present provide plenty of interest, excitement and enlightenment. You can’t help but feel uplifted as the story unfolds, so it is well worth reading – and more than once!
    Melinda Hills, Readers’ Favorite

    Epiphany Website


    Barnes & Noble


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    The Olive Picker

    August 18th, 2016

    51VONrDtCqLMore than a memoir, The Olive Picker is a touching experience brimming with strength and triumph. Facing a horrific attack, a resourceful nurse must summon her wits or lose her life. In this brave and shocking memoir, the author masterfully guides us through the pivotal points of her life, from an abusive upbringing that destroys her self-confidence, to the wreckage of an ill-conceived marriage, and onto a defining moment, full of grace and mercy, which gave her the wings to become the conquering and triumphant phoenix she is today. Kathi’s story is a heart-wrenching testament to the endurance of the human spirit. Beautifully portrayed, The Olive Picker will grab you by the soul and hold you captive to the very last page.
    “A gripping read, deceptively playful at times, this brave book is a stark reminder that truth is often stranger than fiction.” – Vibha Malhotra, author and founder of Literature Studio

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    Announcing: 2016 Global Ebook Awards Winners

    August 15th, 2016

    2016 Global Ebook Awards


    The winners have been announced; Click Here for the full list of winners.  You can also visit to view the list of winners by category. See  (

    Many thanks to our 100 plus reading judges. Where they gave comments along with their scores, those comments will be forwarded to you over the next couple of weeks.

    Here’s how you can get more publicity for your ebooks. Just issue a news release to your local media: radio, TV, magazines, newspapers. For instructions on how to craft and distribute this news release, click on the link below: (make sure you request the electronic edition).

    Solicit Reviews from Midwest Book Reviews

    The Midwest Book Review Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers

    Midwest Book Reviews has been around since 1976 and is a good and reliable resource for book reviews.  You can find a lot of very helpful information on their website as well as information on getting your book reviewed.  take time to check out everything this website has to offer.

    Below is the link to the book review page:

    Many thanks to our reading judges. Where they gave comments along with their scores, those comments will be forwarded to you over the next couple of weeks.
    Thank you for your participation in the 2016 Global Ebook Awards.

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