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    Announcing: 2017 Global Ebook Awards Winners

    August 13th, 2017

    2017 Global Ebook Awards


    The winners have been announced; Click Here for the full list of winners.  You can also visit to view the list of winners by category. See  (

    Many thanks to our 100 plus reading judges. Where they gave comments along with their scores, those comments will be forwarded to you over the next couple of weeks.

    Here’s how you can get more publicity for your ebooks. Just issue a news release to your local media: radio, TV, magazines, newspapers. For instructions on how to craft and distribute this news release, click on the link below: (make sure you request the electronic edition).

    Solicit Reviews from Midwest Book Reviews

    The Midwest Book Review Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers

    Midwest Book Reviews has been around since 1976 and is a good and reliable resource for book reviews.  You can find a lot of very helpful information on their website as well as information on getting your book reviewed.  take time to check out everything this website has to offer.

    Below is the link to the book review page:

    Many thanks to our reading judges. Where they gave comments along with their scores, those comments will be forwarded to you over the next couple of weeks.
    Thank you for your participation in the 2017 Global Ebook Awards.

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    Tiger Pelt

    August 12th, 2017

    Gripping, suspenseful, and unflinching, Tiger Pelt is a story of rebirth from the rubble of a savage time and a ravaged place: Korea during the Japanese occupation followed by the Korean War. A farm boy embarks on a quest that propels him on an odyssey spanning the Korean peninsula and crossing the Pacific. In a parallel life, a beautiful young girl is kidnapped and forced to work as a comfort woman for the Japanese military. During a raging monsoon, the two souls will collide in a near-death encounter that will alter the course of their lives.

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    The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing

    August 12th, 2017

    Experience the action packed adventures of Chen Sing, a teenage boy from China, who ventures far across the world to help build the transcontinental railway through the rugged Rocky Mountains. Natural disasters, wild animals and unforeseen events together with the seemingly endless mountains of rock are among the obstacles that stand in the way of Chen Sing and his railroad crew as they bravely forge ahead on their quest to complete the railway.

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    On the Edge of Now: Book VI – Enlightenment

    August 12th, 2017

    The young man—a teenager, really—sighed, and began explaining the situation as if he were speaking with a child. “The Selected are people chosen to live above ground in specially-designed enclosures that offer protection from the Vorang—and, anything else which might try to kill them. They have housing, gardens, and recreational space—and, they make things which they trade to us for crops we grow.” He paused for a moment as he considered the ever-present danger. “Although, getting stuff to them is hit-and-miss with the threat of the Vorang . . .”

    Award-winning author, Brian McCullough, does it again! On the Edge of Now: Book VI—Enlightenment, brings the Travelers to their most critical and dangerous challenge—one which places everything on the line. Transported to a world whose society fractures itself by distinguishing population classes, Tag, Rose, Claire, and Devin strive to help underground residents establish their independence, knowing they will instigate a civil war. The down-trodden fight for freedom, and the Elites strive to suppress their efforts. 

    Who will succeed?

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    On the Edge of Now: Book IV – Fulcrum

    August 12th, 2017

    It’s difficult to maintain train of thought when looking down the muzzles of multiple automatic weapons. Tag cleared his throat and started again. “As the lady just advised, we aren’t on any particular side—we just arrived, and we don’t know what’s going on.”
    Just by looking at the soldier, the Travelers had the collective thought he would rather shoot them than clog up his day—he appeared not to adjust well to complications, and Tag knew to tread carefully.

    Brian McCullough’s On the Edge of Now: Book IV—Fulcrum transcends time, transporting readers to a world they never imagined. As the Travelers continue their search for the portal to lead them home, they find themselves embroiled in an epic civil war, unsure of where they are and for whom they stand. Ancestry, the future, and the environment play pivotal roles as Tag, Rose, Claire, and Devin come to grips with the fact they may never see home again.

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    On the Edge of Now: Book V – Jagged Edge

    August 12th, 2017

    “They’re huge, easily half again the size of a normal human male—and, they’re bipedal as well as obviously intelligent,” Devin offered. “Or, they wouldn’t have gotten this far. They’re reptilian looking with green and brown coloring and wart-like bulges protruding from their skin. They appear to communicate with each other—although that’s not a big surprise.” He paused for a moment. “And, they seem to be mean sons of bitches. Did I miss anything?”

    Brian McCullough’s On the Edge of Now: Book V—Jagged Edge transports readers to a time and place where humans must forfeit their freedom, forever doomed to unspeakable slavery and personal atrocities. Immersed in a cruel, corrupt, conquered society, the Travelers find themselves face-to-face with the overlords of a massive, reptilian military whose sole purpose is to conquer the world. Armed with advanced Wave technology, the Lizards seek and destroy anything in their path—until they come face-to-face with Tag, Rose, Claire, and Devin. 

    It’s only then things begin to change.

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    My Father’s Ashes

    August 12th, 2017

    Daniel Peterson’s life was all planned out. His upcoming marriage would guarantee him the lifetime corner office in her father’s firm, complete with the highest social standing, country club memberships… even golf lessons.

    But then the phone rang… It seems the father he never knew has passed away, leaving him a tidy inheritance. To claim it, Dan is tasked with scattering his father’s ashes, but under the most bizarre conditions and circumstances he could possibly imagine. This sends Dan on a wild, cross-country adventure of discovery… and self-discovery. As he comes to know his father, he is also forced to re-evaluate himself and all he holds dear. This is a heart-warming tale that redefines friends and family, and will leave you laughing with a tear in your eye…

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    Kaitlin’s Tale

    August 12th, 2017



    Kaitlin Mayer is on the run from the father of her baby – a vampire who wants her to join him in deadly eternity. Terrified for her young son, she seeks sanctuary with the hunters guild. Yet they have their own plans for her son, and her hopes of safety are soon shattered.

    When she runs into Matthew Blair, an old nemesis with an agenda of his own, she dares to hope for a new escape. But Matthew is a telepath, and Kaitlin’s past is full of dark secrets she never intended to reveal.

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    Looking Glass Friends

    May 1st, 2017

    Ellie and Neil fell in love without remembering each other’s face. It all began with a book she had lent him. But not just a book, as she liked to say. It was Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a novel that people around the world have ranked second only to the Bible in influencing their lives. And when Neil read the last page, feeling changed forever, he wrote to thank Ellie. And she answered, because in his words she glimpsed the tragic flaw in both their lives.

    For both were trapped in unhappy marriages, Ellie with a little boy. Family, friends, work, disillusionment – such was their existence. Until their emails began. Suddenly each found his soul’s mirror-image. Platonic love they called it. But their hearts raced with desire to see the face behind the computer.

    Their marriages began to unravel. The delicate, glass-blowing artist Neil had wed bloomed out of his shadow. But the wealthy antique dealer who held Ellie as his prize possession waved his wallet like a wand and cast chains of gold around her. Even Ellie and Neil, finally meeting, felt too much like strangers looking into the unfamiliar eyes of someone who had no right to know so much about them.

    Would poems and philosophy be enough to bridge this gap between their body and soul? Would motherhood permit Ellie to seek her “happily ever after”? Would Neil risk dragging the woman he loves into poverty? Would the bitterness of the past destroy the dreams of their future? In this tale of self-discovery, the meaning of love is linked to the meaning of life, and the endless potential that happiness holds is revealed in looking glass reflections of all we dare to be.

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    Kids Guide to the Facts of Life

    April 30th, 2017

    A basic introduction to the facts of life. From babies, through childhood and adolescence, to facts about reproduction, mental health, and later life. Mother Owl explains words that you could hear or read, and may be wondering what they mean. Offering no opinion or judgement, these are just the simple facts. 
    Kids Guides by Mother Owl are written in the form of a rhyme, to communicate the basic ideas. A child may choose to read only the poem, or have it read aloud to them by a teacher or parent. When further explanation is required, or asked for, the panel alongside provides fact, diagrams and definitions of important words. The concepts are kept simple, and to-the-point. Photographs and illustrations add to the visual appeal of a book designed to educate children about an important topic.

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