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    Global Ebook Awards Deadline Fast Approaching

    April 17th, 2017

    With the deadline fast approaching, April 30th 2017, there is just enough time to enter your Ebook in the Seventh Annual Global Ebook Awards.



    Your ebook winning an award and:

    • Putting an official “sticker” on your ebook cover, pbook cover, blog, website and promotion materials.
    • Winners will be announced to the media via social media and news feeds.
    • Six ebook Promotional “Lessons”
    • Everyone receives an official “nominee sticker” for their ebook cover or for other use.
    • Winners will be listed on the official Global Ebook Awards site.
    • Winners will be eligible to purchase Global Ebook Award certificates attesting to their honor.
    • Discounts on ebook setup, conversions, and website development.
    • Discounts on other services for authors and publishers.

    And much more…

    Multiply Publicity for Your Ebooks

    The greatest challenge for ebook authors, both fiction and nonfiction, is getting their ebook known. Known, read, loved, and recommended to others. This is the best publicity: “word of mouth.” The predicament is finding readers interested in your subject. Judges for the Global Ebook Awards select the categories of ebooks in which they have an expertise and want to read. They are avid readers who voluntarily come to your ebook.

    Being nominated for an ebook award multiplies your investment through:

    1. Six promotional opportunities.

    Once your ebook is accepted into Nomination, you will receive a promotional opportunity each week for six weeks. These opportunities will show you where to publicize your ebook’s nomination and how to track the results. You can use these publicity ideas and opportunities for this and all future ebooks.

    2. Post & Promote your ebook

    You will be able to post your ebook in the Nominee Publicity section of the website.  This is another great publicity opportunity for you and your ebook.

    3. More reviews for your ebook.

    Judges range from book bloggers to book reviewers, librarians, book club & reading circle members, publicists, book shepherds, as well as professional critics and subject-matter experts in the category they prefer.
    Many of the more than 100 judges need material for their (category) blogs and some may review your book at Amazon, B&, Midwest Book Review, etc.

    4. Nominated “sticker.”

    Bring attention to your ebook by placing a Nominated sticker in your blog, website, emails, etc.

    Being accepted into Nomination into the Global Ebook Awards is a stepping-stone to more publicity. Publicity projects multiply your investment and maximize publicity for your ebook.

    Enter Now:

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    the Magical Cloud

    April 1st, 2017

    The Magical Cloud aims to convey a message about the joy of life. All twenty-six stories included in this e-Book combine the fantasy of an imaginary cloud (and of the characters who live in it) with real life situations that children may go through.

    Characters such as Clop, Clip, Star, Crystal, Thunders, Sparks, Comets, and Light will take the reader from seeing how the Cloud-mates face their fears by solving the mystery of a so-called ghost, to learning about the different seasons on Earth and witnessing a boy’s dream of becoming an astronautto name a few of their adventures.

    The author firmly believes that adults have the opportunityas well as the responsibilityto guide children in their path to fulfillment, so this e-Book also intends to be a calling for grown-ups to read it along with their little ones.

    In a journey through fantasy and imagination, The Magical Cloud weaves lifelong, positive messages back to Children’s Literature and family, by understanding that Childhood is the best moment in life to plant a seed of hope, courage, and love that will outgrow the passing of time.

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    Toxic Sphere: Volume 1 – Our Goodwill Ship

    March 30th, 2017

    A package vanishes.
    A ship sets sail.
    A manhunt begins.

    The year is 1007 EE, and four great powers—Cadona, Domataland, Sohn-Sur, and Visstel—are battling for world dominance.

    Leeha Ritsagin is one of the seventeen billion humans caught up in the battle of the giants. She enjoys old movies, works hard, longs for a boyfriend, fears elevators, cares about the world, and is a wanted criminal. Her story begins on a drive across town, and while she worries about getting lost, the danger she faces doesn’t wait for her in the slums of Cadona City. Rather, it comes inside a simple paper bag that appears in the back seat of her old car. Powerful members of the Back-to-Basics Club launch a manhunt to catch the thief who stole their package at a time when Club leaders are primed to take control of the Cadonan government, start a war against fabricated enemies, and deploy the world’s most powerful weapon: Toxic Sphere.

    In response to growing international peril, the rising nation of Domataland dispatches its Goodwill Ship to aid a threatened ally. When news of the package’s disappearance reaches the desk of Domataland’s president, he instructs his intelligence chief to find the thief, hoping to use the mysterious package against his Cadonan adversaries.

    With Leeha’s life in danger, investigative journalist Bob Fullerby begins his own search to find the young woman before her hunters do.

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    Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing

    March 24th, 2017

    An effective revolutionary and innovative new approach called Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a succinct, holistic strategy for psychological healing and growth. In this innovative guide to assisting people dealing with trauma, conflict, and a wide range of emotional and relational issues, Yildiz Sethi provides an introduction to the dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) as RCH.

    Drawing from her experience as a Rapid Core Healing psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and Family Constellation practitioner, Sethi developed RCH for effective therapeutic resolutions to emotional healing that follow rapid core healing pathways.

    Fundamentally RCH is composed of two methods:

    •EMI to facilitate the location, resolution, and integration of conflicting or disturbed parts of the psyche into the greater personality.
    •Family Constellations to enable people to find a healthier place with their family of origin, resulting in better inner and relational connections in the present.

    Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Integration is for those looking for a holistic approach to overcoming trauma, such as conflict management, emotional and relational issues, and sexual abuse or domestic violence. This book is a great resource for counsellors and mental health professionals and for those working on their own personal development.

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    Jesus and Magdalene

    March 20th, 2017

    Jesus returns to earth and meets activist Magdalene who is fighting for a better world. He find an extremist ecological group, which is plotting to destroy a maize plantation it believes to be genetically modified. Then, he observes the rise up against a tourist development that is to be built in a forest reserve. Finally, he witnesses an armed conflict between blacks and gypsies. However, although he limits himself to accompanying Magdalene attempting only to pacify those on bad terms, even then Jesus is unable to escape the fury of mankind. And only a conman will recognize him.

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    The Rose Within (A Gothic Romance)

    March 18th, 2017

    A story of passion, intrigue and mystery. Set in England in the 1920s, Jonathan Malcolm is drawn into the world of Winter Grange House encountering the love of his life, Selina Selwyn. But unbeknownst to him Selina is caught in a web of enigmas that only gradually unfold. Some say Winter Grange is an estate cursed with ghosts and supernatural happenings. Will Jonathan ultimately attain his love or will it end in despair and tragedy?

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    Lemoncella Cocktail

    March 17th, 2017

    Because of his troubled past, twenty-five-year-old Patrick Carter is determined to live a life without confrontation. A lifeguard by day and a bartender by night, he’s content with his care-free daily routine, whiling away the summer on the shores of Lake Huron in southern Ontario.


    But one day, as he walks along the Ausable River on his way home, a cry for help makes him plunge into the river’s strong current and pull fourteen-year-old Samantha McLeod to safety. Samantha, believed to be a witness to a massive weapons exchange, is marked to death by ruthless arms dealers—along with the man who saved her.


    A task force, established to safeguard the country against terrorist attacks, hunts down Oscar Calander, responsible for the weapons trade that is spreading from the Yukon to Ontario. They don’t spare efforts or technological advances, even using drones in the attempt to destroy the deadly traffic.


    Patrick Carter is not keen on cooperating with the task force, reluctant to move from his comfort zone to a world of suspicion and violence. He wavers—and his hesitation could be costly.

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    Down to the Needle

    March 13th, 2017

    A woman’s long search for her abducted daughter leads to a young woman on Death Row mere months away from lethal injection for a crime she didn’t commit.

    From the day her five-year-old was abducted, Abigail Fisher vowed never to stop looking until her daughter is safely returned. Despite multiple searches, twenty-three years have passed without a trace of Becky Ann. So when Abigail learns that death row inmate Megan Winnaker is the same age as her daughter, she can’t help but wonder if the kidnapper—her ex-husband—had Becky’s Ann’s face surgically altered to prevent identification.

    Megan Winnaker maintains her innocence, but she will be put to death immediately if she loses her final appeal. As Abigail launches her own investigation to determine if Megan is truly her daughter, someone wants nothing more than to stop her in her tracks. Suddenly, the house of the witness who landed Megan on death row is burned to the ground. Then Abigail’s home explodes in flame leaving her fighting for her life. An alcoholic witness skips town and another is found dead from a drug overdose. To add to her plight, Abi could lose the love of her life when his former love distracts him.

    While Abi waits for DNA proof, she is desperate to free an innocent inmate who might just be the one who can fill her empty arms once again.

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    Different Lee (Different Dragons Book 1)

    March 6th, 2017

    Abandoned at birth, DL has tried to cut himself off from his past as much as possible, lying if necessary to conceal what little he knows about himself. Then he starts to have strange, unsettling dreams of goals he must reach before shadowy enemies can stop him. When these dreams begin to intrude into his waking life, and he starts to develop unusual abilities, he realizes that he may be more than human. Unfortunately, others realize the truth about DL, and they want his blood–literally!

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    Born Out of Wedlock

    March 3rd, 2017

    Two women. Two worlds. Two problems…and two attitudes.

    Addison Kane does not want for much. With a touch equaling that of Midas and a confidence overstepping the borders of arrogance, Addison’s ability is vast, yet her focus is narrow. Her vision tunneled by haunting memories of her youth, she is blinded to the peripheral. She doesn’t care that life is passing her by. She doesn’t notice as friends fall to the wayside, and the finery that comes from wealth holds no importance for Addison is single-minded. Her goal is the ultimate of paybacks. She needs to succeed like no other before her and prove someone wrong.

    Joanna Sheppard lives a simple life because she can afford no other. At the age of seventeen, her father falls ill, and for the next eleven years, Joanna’s sole focus is providing for the only parent she has ever known. For the man she loves with all her heart, she gives up her dreams and doesn’t look back. She goes about her days with no complaints, working three jobs so she can pay off her father’s creditors, but there is no light at the end of Joanna’s tunnel…or so she thinks.

    When an edict from the grave threatens all Addison holds dear, two women from two different worlds are brought together, and a deal is struck. In exchange for uttering a few words, both get what they need…but not what they bargained for.

    There is a thin line, as they say, but when it is crossed, can love survive when more family secrets are revealed?

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