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    Project E.D.E.N.

    May 7th, 2014

    Cedric wanted to dream of being a normal seventeen-year-old boy, but instead each night he is forced to walk through others’ dreams-and nightmares. Moving from one place to the next with the only family he has ever known, he finds himself in Savannah, Georgia. His responsibility has always been to stay invisible, which becomes complicated when he meets a girl with an even more electrifying life than his own.

    Questioning his existence, he learns of his birthplace, Initium. The city of Initium is a secret government project that contains a utopian society that has evolved without the help of Mother Nature. Cedric finds that for every answer he receives, there are only more questions. He isn’t sure if he has time to learn about history’s best-kept secret before the known world is destroyed in the secret city’s quest to control the future.

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