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You MUST complete this form to be entered into the 2018 Global Ebook Awards. YOU are the Point-Of-Contact. Emails regarding the competition should go to this person (YOU). Please give us your name and contact information so that we can stay in touch. Please also include all of the names that should be listed on the website (author, illustrator, etc).  All REQUIRED fields are shown with an asterisk.

It is not required, that entrants in the Global Ebook Awards have their ebooks in the Smashword’s system for this contest. If your ebook is not at Smashwords, please email a PDF, epub or Kindle file to after you have completed your entry.

For each ebook entry you have purchased (whether it be the same title with multiple categories or multiple titles with different categories), please provide the Smashwords coupon code (if you have one) so that judges can pick up your ebook at 100% discount in whatever format they prefer. If you need some help accessing these codes, please click here.

If you are entering the Best Ebook Cover or Best Ebook Trailer categories, please email either a jpeg of the cover of your Ebook or the URL of your trailer (must be on YouTube) to at your earliest convenience.

Only categories that have been purchased will be considered.

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